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Silicon Carbide Optimized Footprint: XM3 Module

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Achieving Maximum SiC Performance


  • High Temperature (175 °C) Operation
  • Low Inductance (6.7 nH) Design
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Build-in voltage sensing (de-sat) connections
  • Allow for simple and low-inductance busbar interconnection
  • High reliability silicon nitride power substrate to address demanding markets (enhanced power cycling capability)

XM3 Gate Driver - CGD12HBXMP

cgd12hbxmp prototype
  • Over-current protection quickly and safely responds to short circuit events
  • +15/-4V output compatible across whole C3M portfolio
  • RS-422 differential inputs for improved noise immunity
  • 2 W isolated power supply per channel
  • Isolated temperature sensor feedback
  • Low propagation delay and jitter
  • Up to 80 kHz switching frequency

1200V, 450A Silicon Carbide XM3 Half-Bridge Module - CAB450M12XM3

  • Half the weight and volume of a standard 62 mm module
  • Maximizes power density
  • Minimizes loop inductance
  • Enables simple power bussing
  • Fit for demanding applications such as EV chargers, UPS, and traction drives

XM3 3-Phase Inverter Reference Design - CRD300DA12E-XM3

  • 300 kW peak output power
  • 900 V DC bus max and 360 ARMS phase currentmax
  • Compact and lightweight at only 9.3 L and 6.2 kg
  • Power density of 32 kW/L, 2x traditional Si inverter
  • Wolfspeed’s highest power density inverter
  • XM3 module enables low-inductance bussing for reduced system-level parasitic inductance leading to an efficiency greater than 98%
  • CAB450M12XM3 module inside!