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EMI/EMC Shielding with phenomenal lead time

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Power Components and EMC Pioneer are pleased to offer the following range of certified filters for your next requirement.

Wide Range of EMI/EMC filters

  • PCB Filters
  • Single & Three Phase Filters
  • DC Filters
  • Feedthrough Filters
  • IEC Inlet Filter
  • Power Entry Module Filter
  • Shielding Room Filters

EMI Shielding
  • Full Anechoic Chamber
  • RF Shielding Enclosure
  • MRI Cage
  • Shielding materials


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EMC Pioneer can deliver the full range of EMI filters from 0.2A to1600A within 4 weeks and most EMC materials in less than 2 weeks. Custom solutions are available, contact us so we can support your design.