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Qorvo Power Loss Protection (PLP) ICs

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Advanced protection for SSID and RAID systems

Power loss in enterprise systems can result in the destruction or corruption of critical data, often leading to
staggering financial and productivity impacts, and permanent damage to a company’s reputation.

Industry leaders are turning to Qorvo’s ActiveCips™ family of advanced PLP products. 


Qorvo’s ActiveCips™ family of advanced PLP products

PLP ICs are designed for use in solid-state drives (SSDs) and other applications where detecting
imminent power loss and supplying back-up power quickly is critical to uninterrupted operation of the system.
Qorvo’s PLP products ensure that there is enough time following a power loss for the storage or computing system to back up mission-critical data. Qorvo’s industry-leading integration and its ability to customize circuits, make it easy for designers to solve challenges unique to enterprise storage and computing applications including:

  • Solid-state drives
  • Industrial environments
  • Backup power
  • Hot-plug devices
  • Enterprise and data centre equipment
  • Networking and storage
  • Computing



With a wide range of input voltages, Qorvo’s ACT family of PLP ICs offers highly integrated power loss protection solutions by incorporating high-voltage capacitors to store energy and generate a readily available back-up power source. These PLP solutions include a hot-swap compatible e-Fuse that limits inrush current during hot-swap and supports a smooth and reliable power-up sequence.
When the host power supply or main input power supply is lost, the back-up energy stored on high-voltage capacitors is tapped to provide uninterrupted power to the system.
CiPS solutions from Qorvo® offer:
• A high degree of configurability in setting power loss detection thresholds
• Health monitoring that ensures adequate backup power is available
• Storage capacitor health check and aging checks
• Current and voltage measurements for telemetry
This flexibility aids system designers in optimizing size, cost and performance metrics, and allows customizable solutions for a multitude of applications and need-based optimization.
A built-in boost converter provides high-voltage energy storage to minimize storage capacitor size requirements. The same power stage is operated in boost mode to boost the input voltage to a higher voltage and the energy is stored to output storage capacitors. Upon loss of input power, the same power stage and regulator is operated in “buck”, or step-down, mode to draw power from the storage capacitors
and discharge them to provide power to the system. The built-in buck converter regulates the storage voltage to a fixed output voltage that can be used by the system to continue operating even after the input power is lost. The boost/buck regulator contains internal, back-to-back FETs to provide bi-directional input to output isolation. The IC also provides hot-swap and inrush current control.

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